We offer comprehensive and flexible online teaching of the Russian language for beginners and proficient students in small classes and individually. The course duration is 8 weeks (2 hours per week). The cost of the course: A$320.00 for group learning and A$40.00 per hour for individual student. All teaching materials are free.

Available courses

Russian 101 (Beginners)

This beginner’s course aims to provide you with the ability to understand and use familiar Russian expressions and basic phrases to satisfy simple daily needs. Grammatical themes will complement the acquired vocabulary and provide a framework for further verbal and non-verbal skill development. No prior knowledge of the language is required.


  • Greetings: personal information
  • Identifying people and things
  • Genders and Personal Pronouns
  • Introducing someone: occupation, nationality, age
  • Family members
  • The alphabet and numbers 0-10
  • Places of interest in Moscow. Directions.
  • Russian names and patronymics
  • Finding things outdoors: places
  • Asking for and buying things

Class schedule

Saturday 20 Jul 2024

9:00am – 11:00am (UTC+10:00)

Online via Zoom

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Katia Fedoseeva

Sergey Fedoseev