Stress in 1 & 2 Syllable Words

You may be unaware of what stress means and how the same word can have a different meaning depending on the tone. Let's illustrate this with the English word o'bject- /ˈɒbdʒɪkt/ (noun) - stress on the first syllable, is an existing thing or the goal of something; and obje'ct /əbˈdʒɛkt/ (verb) - stress on the second syllable, means to disagree with something.

Apostrophe ( ‘ ) signifies a letter under stress. Note that unstressed letter О has a sound of А. Stresses are shown as a temporary aid so that the correct tone is observed when reading.

Listen to the audio recording and read the words out loud observing the correct tone. Repeat 5 times or until memorised.

[agroup first=”0″ connect=”563″] [accordion title=”1 Syllable” connect=”563″]

– stress on the first and only syllable

ДА´ (yes)

НЕ´Т (no)

КТО´ (who)

МЫ´ (we)


ДО´М (house)

[/accordion] [accordion title=”2 syllables” connect=”563″]

– stress on the first syllable with tone down at the end of the word

МА´МА (mum)

ТЕ´МА (topic)

Э´ТО (this)

НО´ТА (note)

ДЕ´МОН (demon)

[/accordion] [/agroup]


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