Reading Practice

You are now ready to start reading in Russian. This simple text uses all the sounds and vocabulary you've learnt so far. If it is hard to read the text at the same pace as the audio aid, you need to review the previous lessons. Feel free to start from the very beginning. This course can be repeated as many times as you want.

Listen to the recording. Read the text out-loud until there are no pauses and all words are pronounced correctly. You will be tasked with translating this text in Quiz 6.

Я Филипп. Я студент. Это мой дом. Это мой стол. Он здесь. Это мой стул. Он здесь. Это мой словарь. Он там. Это мой папа. Он пианист. Это мой брат. Он спортсмен. Они здесь.

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