Russian Consonant Sounds (Part 2)

This unit introduces you to 8 more consonant sounds. You have already learnt the first 6 in Lesson 2: К (k), Н (n), Т (t), В (v), М (m), Д (d).

Read out loud referring to the audio aid. Repeat 5 times or until all sounds are memorised.

З з (z like in zero)

Б б (b like in bet)

Г г (g like in get)

Х х (h like in hat)

С с (s like in set)

П п (p like in pet)

Р р (r like in run)

Ч ч (ch like in chin)


 The audio aid plays back the sound represented by the letter. Not the letter itself. Consonant letters are read out differently. For example Letter К is read out as  ‘КА’.

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