Introduction to Russian Vowel Sounds

In Russian Language each sound is uniquely represented by a letter of alphabet. Every letter is vocal with the exception of 2 (ъ and ь) which are mute and signify softness or hardness of the preceding sound. There are 33 letters in total which amount to 10 vowel and 21 consonant sounds. Lesson 1 introduces you to the 10 vowel sounds.

There are 10 vowels in the Russian Language. Notice how similar they are to the sounds in your language, despite the different alphabet (Cyrillic). Take care to remember these, making sure there is no confusion as to what sound each letter represents. Vowels are categorised into 5 hard and 5 soft sounds.

Read the sounds out loud referring to the audio aid. Repeat 5 times or until all sounds are memorised. Click on the accordion title to begin.

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