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Why You Should Learn Russian in 2021: What Are the Benefits?

Learning a language is not an easy task. It usually takes years of studying and practice to master the second (or third, or fourth) language. However, with technology evolving, people are trying new ways to learn languages faster. In this blog post, we will explore different methods of learning Russian online in 2021.

You may be surprised by what’s available and you’ll definitely want to keep reading to see which method suits you best.

What are the benefits of learning Russian?

Obviously, the best option to learn Russian as an adult is to study in a private classroom with an instructor. However, for most people, this is not an option. On the other hand, online learning has been growing in popularity over the past few years.

Of course, many people are unaware of this option, because they can’t read or write in English. Even for those who have an opportunity to learn in a class, often the material is not as good. However, there are new platforms available that allow you to do virtually anything online, including learning Russian, and improving your language skills faster than you ever could.

How to learn Russian in 2021

There are different methods of learning Russian and there are many different sites and tools for learning Russian online.

In 2016, futurist Alvin Toffler predicted that computers will become an important part of our life, as we use them to communicate and even to perform daily tasks. According to Toffler, the computers will be able to understand human language and create software that is like a “machine on the inside.” That’s why learning Russian online with online flashcard-based software is a great way to do so.


The Russian language is still the language of choice when it comes to traveling around the world. In 2017, Russian tourists increased by 32% compared to the previous year. In the next seven years, the number of tourists will grow to some 2.76 million.

And considering that many of these tourists will be from Asia, then learning Russian is one of the most convenient ways to interact with the locals. The biggest question, then, is what method is best suited for you? If you want to improve your Russian, then sign up for our free learning course on Learn Russian Online in 2021.

You’ll be able to practice everyday with advanced exercises and step-by-step explanations. Interested in learning more about learning Russian?

August 29, 2021

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